Obstacle game

Due to Haze and Zika virus, we have stopped for the time being from going down to the big field but we continued to have different activities in our school compound either at the playground or some indoor activities, to make sure children still have enough exercise and body movement.

On this day, we had Obstacle game.

First, children have to listen to the rules of the game.

 Teacher demonstration!

Jump over the obstacles!

 Walk across the balancing bar!

 climb up the slope and jump down

Jump on the trampoline!

Walk on the stepping stools!

Now, children gave ideas on what they want to do.
Balance the rubber hoop on their head while walking on the balancing bar.

Crawl on the slope!

I want to try another way!

 Let's lay down together!

Toot toot! The train is coming!

Hahaha! What can we do with the stepping stools?
Let's all sit on the stools and pretend we are at the beach!

 We are happy family!

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