Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Celebration
On 11 February, all the children came to school in either the traditional Chinese costume or in bright home clothes to celebrate Chinese New Year.

This year we celebrated our Chinese New Year at the Grandstand playground. Before the real "Lion dance troupe" arrive, Khine sensei introduced and performed the lion dance using our school lion dance puppet. They also learned about the DO & DONT'S about Chinese New Year through games.

Finally, the lion troupe is here together with the "God of Fortune" distributing each child a candy! symbolize that you will be as sweet as honey!

 Followed by Lion dance performance. Some children are a little nervous when they saw the lion dance. They are scared but at the same time want to see what the lion dance are doing!
 "Lions play an important role in Chinese mythology and represent joy and happiness. Lion dances are performed accompanied b the music of beating of drums, cymbals and gongs instruments synchronize to the lion dance movements and actions. The lion dance performance is to bring luck and to get rid of the devil."

恭喜恭喜Toddler Banana & Mango
 新年快乐 N1 Starfruit
 万事如意 Mixed Fruits Class
 Enjoying the New Year goodies, yummy!
We have the "Love letter" and "Cornflake cookies" for snack. children loved it so much and kept asking for some more please! The children replied 谢谢 which mean thank you in Chinese.

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