Children's Day Celebration - Part 2

Next, it's MAGIC time!

First, let's have Magician Khine - "Return to its original condition!"
Magician Khine tears the "Money" into small pieces; then she holds all the small pieces in her hand. She started rubbing and said some magic spell but she needs the children power, so she rubbed her hand with the small pieces on the children's head and etc. Finally, when she opened her hand - Ta-da! The "money" has returned to its original condition!"

Next, Magician Nicole - "Magic Touch!"
Magician Nicole arranged some toothpicks in the middle of the aluminum tray. With her magic touch and the powerful magic words, the toothpicks fly apart when she dipped another toothpick in the middle of the square made by the other toothpicks! Wow! Super Power!

Then we have Magician Kei - "Floating Orange!"
Magician Kei has special power with her hands, she can make the orange "floating" in the air. Don't blink your eyes or you will miss it!


Coming up next will be Magician Jo - "Making the water disappear!"
First, let's tied Magician Jo's hands so that she will not be able to hold the cup! She needs children help by saying "Abracadabra" and the water will be gone!

"Oh dear! someone reveal the truth of my magic!!!!!

Last but not least, we have our Magnificent Magician Mio - "Adding colours to this beautiful world!"
Looking at Magician Mio, using her bare hands to change the colors of the water!

Amazing! The seven colors of the rainbow!

But most of all, the smiles on the children's faces are the most important encouragement for us!

 Thank you children!
Happy Children's Day to you!

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