Chinese New Year Celebration

Gong Xi Gong Xi.
We celebrated our Chinese New Year on 20 February and most of the children came dressing in beautiful Chinese costume or home clothes.

 Children who dress in the Chinese costumes came forward to show their friends, the different types of Chinse costumes.
 After the simple introduction of the culture of what we usually do before and on Chinese New Year day. We tell the story of the "Twelve Zodiac" and the children really enjoy it. They are excited to find out which animal arrives first and which animal will come next.
 After the story, children are wondering when is the "lion" coming? We on the music of the "Lion dance" some children got excited and some a little nervous.
 When they know that the "Lion" is just me, they feel relieved. This is what we want, this is a day to celebrate and not to make the children cry.
 Let's start with the lion dance performance. The "Lion" went through all the obstacles.
 Now the "Lion" will be greeting the children and make friends with them
 I can see you! No need to be afraid, I am your friend!
 Now, the "Lion" is ready to perform the traditional custom of "cai qing" (採青), literally meaning "plucking the greens", whereby the lion plucks the auspicious green lettuce hanging up high. The "greens" (qingmay also include auspicious fruit like oranges. In Chinese cǎi (, pluck) also sounds like cài (, meaning vegetable) and cái (, meaning fortune). The "lion" will dance and approach the "green" to "eat the green" and "spit" it out, scattering the fresh leaves around to spread out the good luck and also to symbolize a "fresh start" for the new year. 
 Children enjoy picking up the "greens"
 After watching the "Lion dance" performance, They also tasted the Chinse New Year goodies - Lover letter and Kueh Bahulu. Yummy!
 Happy Lunar New Year to all of you!
 Toddler Banana
 N1 Starfruit
Mixed Fruits Class

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