Getting ready for Fire drill

My teachers told us that "Fire" can be very scary! So we have to prepare ourselves and be ready to run away from the fire anytime.

We started by learning how to follow the teachers and walk down the stairs. My teachers said we have to listen carefully; no need to rush and cannot push. We have to follow our friends and walk down one after another.

We are all very brave! We are not scared too! We listen to our teachers and walk down the stair slowly and carefully. It also helps to exercise my muscle and train my co-ordination skills.

Finally, we reached our destination safe and sound.  We are not going to the field today as we came down late and we do not have much time playing at the field so our teachers brought us to visit our favourite shop - Pet shop.

Wow! Look! The rabbits are just resting in their house. Look up there! The mice are doing exercise! We have to think which pet should we have in KiZroo after the turtle is settling down nicely. Shall we have a rabbit? or a guinea pig? or a hamster? I like all, can we have all of them in KiZroo?

Bye Bye animals! We will come and see you again! We have to go back to school as it's or lunch time too!

Hello Kizroo, we are back in school!

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