Special Eurhythmic with Gerald sensei!

We are glad to meet Gerald sensei again on the 12 March, Friday.  We have fun going around the "rainforest" with him.

For our new friends, the musical instrument that Gerald sensei was playing is called the "Ukulele", it looks like a small guitar but it is different from the guitar. They belong to the stringed instrument but Guitar has 6 strings whereas the Ukulele has only 4 strings. 

We started off with the greeting song

 and have a first-hand experience with the Ukulele

 Next, Say hello to the "owl". "How are you, owl?" It has been quite a while since I last met you.

 Try tapping on the drum and listen to it sound
 Now, everybody tap on your lap (tap,tap,tap)
 Walking around rainforest and what can you see?

 What can you see?
 and what can you see?
 I can see a tiger roaring at me!
 Let's pretend to be a tiger and listen to the music and roar together
 Walking around the rainforest and what can you see?
What is that coming out from Gerald sensei's bag?
 Oh no! It's a snake
It's a vey long snake 
 Slithering on the ground
 We have fun slithering like the snake
 The snake is so cute!
 We can even jump over the snake.

Thank you Gerald sensei and hope to see you again.
 N1 Starfruit
 Toddler Banana
Mixed Fruits Class

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