Trip to Sentosa on 22 September

Sorry that we have to change our schedule at the very last minute as the Dentist decided to visit Kizroo on Friday afternoon for the dental check. 
As we have already told the children that we will be going to Sentosa, so we still broad the school bus and carry on with our trip. On the way, I shared with the children that we will be visiting our friends and play with them but all the children who have visited the beach in July requested to go to the beach again. So we just went to the school for greeting and soon left for the beach.

Look at those big ships! Wow! look at the shadow of the tree!

Let's remove our shoes and walk down to the beach.

Look at our shadows!

The wave is coming!

It's so cool when the sea water touches my feet!

What can you up in the sky? It's so beautiful. Can you find a white streak that the plane left across the sky?

Look at the footprints that we left on the beach when we walk on it.

Let see what other things can we find on the beach.

 Look what I have found? It's a baby coconut.
Who left this bamboo rake on the beach?

"Jo sensei, we also find this!" Who can tell me the letters on the board?
"s-e-n-t-o-s-a" Put together is Sentosa, so this surfing board is a decoration for the beach.

Children enjoyed the feeling when the feet got buried under the sand when the wave came by.
Some children want to make tunnels for the sea water to come in. We had so much fun!

"Can we bring our shovels next time when we come here again?" "of course we can!"
Children already start thinking of their next visit to the beach again.

We had our light snack before heading back to our school.

Goodbye beach! Goodbye Sentosa! See you soon.

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