Game Day - 22 August

We started off with the game "Janken Train", where the children have to challenge each other with "Scissor, Paper, Stone" and see who is the final winner and form the longest train.

"scissor, paper, stone"
 "Yeah! I have the longest train!"

Next, we played "Treasure Hunt". For the start, the children had to search in the music room for the first clue.

Finally, we found it!
Looking for more clues!

Found another clue,

and another clue,

and another clue,

and another clue

The last clue - "The treasure can be found in a place where you can run freely; ride the cars; kick the balls and ....."
Where is this place? 
All the children: "Playground!"

The treasures are hidden under the sand.

Let's start digging!
 Yeah! We found our treasures!

We had a really wonderful time in the morning.

In the afternoon, we used the recycle materials to create into different things.
 Some children created an aeroplane; a robot; an UFO; a car and many more
 The art & craft room is full of recycling items, so children said if we have a vacuum cleaner, we can clean up the room like mummy. So we decided to make a vacuum cleaner together.
 Look at our amazing creation.

Thank you for helping to "clean up", my little creators!

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