Thursday Morning

On this beautiful day, we decided to go to the big field! Checking with the children, what toys or equipment they wanted us to bring down for them to play? Some replied, "I want running race so many times!"; "Butterfly!" "Yes, I know you want to catch the butterfly! and some "Dinosaurs!"
Okay! We have a big field to run so we can catch the butterfly; do the running race and all the baby dinosaurs can catch the teachers too!

Butterfly, butterfly where are you? 
Maybe the weather was too hot, no sight of butterfly.

Over and over again - Running Races 

Running Race or Dinosaur game?? 
Whether is running race or Dinosaur, we are just having fun!

They found the muddy trails left by the cars!

Look! There is a bird flying high in the sky!

It's an eagle!

Let's take a break and drink some water!

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