Excursion (TB&N1) - Trip to Marine Cove

We are so excited to ride on the bus to go on a field trip!
Marine Cove, we are coming soon!

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.”

Round and round and round!

Say Cheese!

We are from KiZroo!

Hello Eis friends, we are from KiZroo!
That was so much fun playing with new friends !

We are playing "taking turn with teachers!" One more time…

Actually, it’s a balancing bar but we play in the other way.
Looks fun right?

Please drink more water!

Watch out! Please be careful!

As the sky turns dark and seem like going to rain soon, so teachers decided to go back to Kizroo and have picnic in the school.

Cloud, Weather, Rain, Rainfall

It’s time for lunch. We are so hungry!
Yummy hot dog bun!! Oishii !!!

We have fun today! 
Where are going on the next excursion, Khine sensei?

200 Turf Club Road, #06-03 The Grandstand (S) 287994  [MAP]
Tel: 6466 7011
Email: info-kiz@kizroo.com
Web: kizroo.com/kindergarten/

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