Summer Programme - First Day

1st day - Game day

We are glad to have other friends coming to join us during the Summer Programme activities. We are having outdoor game on our first day.

Let's introduce ourselves and get to know each other's names.

Catch my tail - we divided the children into 2 groups. Each group take turns to put the "tail" behind them and the other group will try to catch it.

After all the running, we decided to have a break and changed to smash the watermelon game -スイカ割り

1,2 3 hit!

The weather was really hot so we have decided to cancel the game - tug of war and headed back to school.

We listened to a story to cool ourselves down and then continued with the smashing of watermelon.

Finally! the watermelon was smashed open! The children were so excited when they saw the watermelon juice flowed out. We had the watermelon for dessert after lunch!

Happy kid cartoon

We continued to have fun in the afternoon with the indoor games.

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