Soccer Lesson

We are glad that our first soccer lesson falls on a sunny day so that we can run freely at the big field.
Coach Fik gathered the children together to do some warm-up exercise first.

Next, he explained to the children his game rule. The children have to run outside the "box" and he is the "crocodile" that will chase after them.

 Are you ready? YES! Let's go.
 Children started running and the "crocodile" is chasing after them.
 Now, he divides the children into N2 and K level, first he teaches the N2 friends some basic skills as they are new to soccer. Some children are really good.
 Whose ball? Yours or mine? 
 For the K level, most of them are able to chase after the ball and kick. They are really good at it. 
 They had a match against coach Fik.

 Now the N2 also joined in the match. All the children against coach Fik.
 Go, go, go Goal!!!
 We had a wonderful time together.

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