Christmas Celebration

After decorating the Christmas Log Cakes, the children moved to the pink room for the celebration.

"Who like Christmas?" - All the children raised their hands

"Santa Claus is coming!"
"Many presents!"
"Christmas cake!"
"Christmas Tree!"
"I want present!"
"Santa comes to my house four times!"

"Do you want Santa to come to our school?"
"Are you good children?"

"Let's sing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and welcome the Santa Claus!"
- Children sang the song happily and loudly.

The reindeer brought Santa Claus and his friend, Elf together.
"Do you know who is this standing beside Santa Claus?" - All children kept quiet.
"He is one of the Elves who helped Santa to make toys for children all over the world"

Present time - for those children who are scared of "Santa", preferred to take the present from the "Elf" as he does not have the "beard"

 Class Photos with Santa and Elf. 
 Thank you very much, Santa Claus. We will continue to be good. See you next year. Goodbye Santa, Goodbye Elf.
 Next, Mio sensei give us a quiz using the stick puppets. We helped Santa to find the different things associated with Christmas.
 We also played the Christmas version - scissor, paper, stone train game. (Janken train)
The children like it so much as Kiyomi sensei played the Christmas song with the piano and children move according to the rhythm. It was fun and full of laughter and singing.
 It's our party time - Snowman Hayashi rice. Yummy!

 All the children enjoyed their lunch happily, 

 Finally, it's the dessert time, the children have been waiting for the whole morning. 

It's yummy, can I have some more, please?

Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and A Happy New Year!
Enjoy your holiday and see you next year!

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